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The Success Algorithm tracks the accuracy of Forecasters and then weights according to the accuracy of each of the forecasters in the top group to create a PrecogReport. Then for any future forecast this report can be compared against the general average to see if it supports the overall sentiment. Of course, 100% accuracy is not possible. Otherwise we'd all be Millionaires! However, this is an extremely effective method to improve business forecasting as it mitigates out poor and unreliable forecasts.
We call them Precogs and they are the top forecasters in the associated Company based on a combination of historial accuracy and number of forecasts. A Precog's forecast is immensely valuable and we can contact them on your behalf to ask them to give their reasons while still remaining anonymous.
You need to upgrade to a company account or drop us a line at If you do upgrade to a company account we'd still like to advise you how to make the best forecasts and help you setup.
Yes. It can be anything with a clear Yes/No outcome or based on OKR. It's important that the outcome is clear for accurate forecasting (i.e. will we win pitch X by X date) and not a subjective interpretation (i.e. will this campaign be our best)
Yes. Just upgrade to become a Company Account and your team can start setting, sharing and forecasting their objectives. Please also contact us on for a demo or setup assistance.
Yes using exactly the same system as for forecasting enabling you to both use Benchify for your Employee Engagement Survey and for forecasting key business objectives at different intervals or at the same time. You need to upgrade to a company account or contact us at and we can manage the whole process.
Yes, You need to upgrade to a company account and then activate the Client Performance Programme and invite your Clients via the Company Admin section. If you want a custom survey and survey management please contact us and we'll be happy to do this for you.
Yes. Benchify is built for 360° performance feedback either using the default templates or customised. Please contact us directly on to discuss creating a survey specific to your needs.
Yes! If an Employee, Client or wider Stakeholder gives you any feedback including forecasting that you want to discuss in more detail just respond directly and you can continue communications without the respondee revealing their identity. It's a great feature within Benchify!
No not unless you tell them. All Forecasts and Feedback is anonymous to encourage constructive, candid and honest feedback and predictons. With Forecasting you are fully anonymous and can setup a Forecast Alias for fun. If you want to revel your identify you have to tell the person and somehow validate that in the real world or ask us to confirm it for you.
You will be able to see the other forecasts in the Forecast Discussion as we believe this creates more accurate forecasting and also in the relating League Table. However, you will not know the overall average forecast or what the more accurate forecasters have just predicting as only the company admin can see this. They may decide to share this with you at a later date but it does not happen automatically so as not to influence forecasting.
Yes! If you check the League Table you will be able to see your ranking using PrecogRank. It won't mean much at the beginning but over time it will identify how good you are at forecasting compared to your colleagues and we recommend your company runs a competition with prizes to encourage and reward Super Forecasters!
For each contact in your Connections, you have the option to rate their core Attributes, give them a Colour Grade and place them in your Dream Team. The core Attribute ratings are used to work out their Overall Score and the Colour Grades are displayed in Feedback messages you receive, provided you have two or more other users of the same colour grade in your Connections.
You can rate any Player in your Connections anonymously and they will not receive their rating until three of their contacts have rated them.
As in martial arts, a Player’s Colour Grade describes how advanced they are in their career. Rate your Players from White, through the colour spectrum, to Black. Only 5% of your contacts can be rated Black, so use this wisely! Important: Only 5% of your Contacts can be rated as Black and only 10% can be rated Brown, so use wisely!
The five attributes are ability, attitude, knowledge, experience and performance. Rate your Players on a scale of 0–100.
Currently, this is the average of your five Attributes.
Yes either as a closed group which is the most common so you can restrict to stakeholders or as an Open Forecast which anyone could join and forecast. This is best suited for a publication which is running a reader survey and then intends to publish the results
Endorsements are a soft rating and are visible to the receiver and their connections. Please see below on how to endorse someone.
Endorsement is a public “thumbs up” that you generally endorse them as a professional. You can endorse as many of your Players as you want by going to the Connections and clicking on the thumb beside their name.
Has one of your Players done a great bit of work recently? Go to their profile and give them a Pat on the back! You can choose to make this public, so all of the recipient’s contacts can see what a good job they’ve done.
Everyone you work with! Why not, it’s the best way to get feedback and over time as your connections grows you will be able to use the filters to see how your Connections rate you differently according to categories such as location, age and relationship type.
Sometimes in life things get a little rough and emotional and sometimes, much as we like to think otherwise, we just don’t deliver or perform to the expectation of others. Getting that self-awareness to grow professionally is what Benchify is all about. We strongly recommend you include the full spectrum of your business contacts otherwise you will get a bias review, however if that person truly does not have fully visibility on your capabilites then that’s what the Visibility setting is for.
This describes how close your relationship with an individual Player is. Rate them 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, or 360° depending how well you know each other and the ability they have to gauge your work performance. For example, someone you’ve only worked with briefly may get a 90° rating, whereas a close colleague who sees you every day would get the full 360°. Over time, these scores will be used to perfect the nuances of your rating.
  • 0° = This person has near to zero visibility on your professional performance. Maybe you randomly met them at a trade show sometime and you don’t work in the same region or category.
  • 90° = This person has a limited degree of visibility on you. Maybe you worked with them briefly in only one capacity of your full role.
  • 180° = This person has a relatively good but still not complete visibility on you. You could have worked intensely together for a while but come from different professions and therefore it is difficult to truly gage their performance.
  • 270° = This person has a near full visibility on your overall performance and capability. You are probably part of the same team or work as close partners over an extended period.
  • 360° = This person has full visibility on your ability, performance and potential and, more importantly, you trust their opinion fully.
At the beginning it won’t do much until you’ve built up your Connections and can start filtering your Dashboard according to Visibility. In the long run it will be used to calibrate your overall score.
Your personal performance Dashboard is where you see your ratings aggregated as time-line, pie and bar charts and your anonymous feedback.
Three people need to rate you before you’ll be able to see your score. Why not send a message or start rating your Players to encourage them to reciprocate? It may take a couple of weeks to get your first rating, so be patient and check back frequently.
Again, don’t worry! This is also quite normal as early ratings are likely to differ dramatically and your Dashboard charts will appear volatile. This will balance out with time as more of your Connections rate you and they in turn form more precise and consistent benchmarking approaches.
This might be due to the volatility at the beginning as you pick up ratings or it could be to do with the rating approach of your peer group. It could also be that you are connected to some experienced people and a perceived low rating is in fact hugely complimentary, given the source. Of could also be that you are not quite the all round business superstar of your fervent imagination. This is all what Benchify is about. We believe through accurate feedback from qualified and relevant sources you will develop the self-awareness to develop yourself both professionally and personally.
Just go to your Connections and rate them again! This is what Benchify is all about: giving and receiving up-to-date feedback on performance.
To update your relationship status just go into your Connections, select their profile and change the relevant relationship criteria to make sure your Dashboard is as accurate as it can be.
It’s hard to tell. At the very beginning of the trial it might be 1-2 weeks depending on how quickly your Connections rates you (and you can always message them in Benchify or the outer world to speed this up!).
Yes. At the beginning your score will be volatile and you won’t have enough people in your Connections to filter and get more performance feedback based on set groups, however as your Connections expand it’s vital you keep your relationships up to date. If you don’t work with someone directly and/or frequently anymore then please update, otherwise we may assign more value to their rating of you than is appropriate.
Anyone who values accurate and precise feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and overall performance and whom wishes to improve themselves both professionally and personally.
We would love to hear from you. Please mail us at